Pointe Shoe Elixir


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Introducing Pointe Shoe Elixir – the special potion for dancers who want their pointe shoes to be strong and supportive! Get ready to discover the enchantment that adds confidence and durability to every dance step. 

Unlock the magic with these three benefits:

  • Sturdy Support: A touch of our elixir toughens up your pointe shoes, giving your feet the strong support they need for perfect pirouettes and leaps.
  • Long-Lasting Grace: With Pointe Shoe Elixir, your shoes stay firm and resilient, helping you dance with grace and confidence throughout your performance.
  • Dance-Ready Durability: Harden your shoes with our elixir, ensuring they withstand every twirl, jump, and spin, so you can dance your heart out without worry.

Allow glue 5-10 minutes to dry. Glue is completely cured in 24 hours. 

Available in 2oz bottles.